Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Country Fair Bridesmaid ensemble

Country Fair Bridesmaid ensemble
The idea here is the dress inspired me and reminded me of a prize ribbon won at local fairs. I just went for casual from there with coordinating pieces. The necklace has clovers, like you'd see during summer time. Wedges are casual and so on.

Pleated dress
$80 - modcloth.com

Anna Beck clover leaf necklace
$298 - nordstrom.com

Nadri earrings
$68 - nordstrom.com

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Country Fair Theme

I've been seeing similar themes to this; carnival, circus, country...but not this particular one. Not yet. What I love about this theme that popped in my head after seeing a photo of a beautiful pie on a dessert table is that it sort of combines the ones I mentioned above, which are becoming more and more popular. Most of the country fairs that I grew up with happened in late summer. They included fabulous smells from all the wonderful foods sold, fun little carnival rides, petting zoos and pony rides,bales of hay, live bands, warm weather, I could go on and on. Below are some inpiration boards for this theme. I think that going the route of your local country fairs and all its unique quirks will be the most entertaining.

Country Fair Fare

Along with the standard food fare found at country fair's, put a twist on them. With fresh lemonade cocktails, pies instead of cake for guests, using multiple flavors including ones that are known in your area (apple in Washington, key lime in Florida, Pecan in the South, etc), cotton candy in colors that match your wedding colors, corn dogs with a catered twist (mini, fabulous mustards, and so on). Don't forget the other ones that may be ones you remember from visiting the fair as a kid, like Belgian Waffels or fresh Pear from the ones I went to.

Country Fair fare
Country Fair fare by moonnbeam on Polyvore.com

The Bride

For a country fair, a formal full length gown just doesn't fit. Short lengths, casual fabrics with a fun flair set the tone for the party. Red shoes in both a country fabric and candy apple style, a basket clutch reminescent of pie, cherry colored ring, and a white chocolate apple, all hint at the theme.

Country Fair Bridal Wardrobe
J Crew couture dress
$425 - jcrew.com

Christian Louboutin peep toe pumps
$875 - neimanmarcus.com

Manolo Blahnik mary jane pumps
$645 - barneys.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors box clutch
$170 - net-a-porter.com

Kenneth Jay Lane ivory pendant
68 EUR - pret-a-beaute.com

Diamond ring

19945211 by BHLDN,

Audrey by The Steven Birnbaum Collection,

The Groom

For a country fair wedding, red stripes or gingham shirts along with a light creamy linen suit and for comfort...sneakers. But not his old ones he's had since college. A beautiful leather pair. For the final touch, if so inclined, a leather weave ring for a little country and rock and roll.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unique theme: Jungle Book

Whenever I try to find new and unusual (but still chic) themes, I feel like I spend so much time searching and only find maybe 1 or 2 ideas out of hours of web surfing. And my fiance will tell you, if anything can be found on the internet before hacking is necessary I can find it, so if I have a hard time, I can't imagine what others go through. So I will post what I find along with what I've come up with. I will continuously add inspiration sets to the themes so check back often.

The Jungle Book (my own idea)

Ok, I know you may be thinking about the Disney Cartoon version, but I'm talking about Rudyard Kipling's book and time period that this story takes place. The look is Bristish Colonial meets Indian Jungle. One of the best visual examples I can think of is the live action version from the mid nineties (also made by Disney, although doesn't follow the books as much). Beautiful tropical foliage, brown and white sepia toned photos, exotic animals and locations, along with crisp linen suits, lace parasols, dark exotic wood tones, Indian touches, etc. So far I've created a bridesmaid set that features some inspiration items. I will be creating more for this theme and posting them.

More themes will be posted once I complete inspiration sets. Also, if more details are wanted, please just ask (from specific color palettes, to favors, motifs, locales, etc)