Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unique theme: Jungle Book

Whenever I try to find new and unusual (but still chic) themes, I feel like I spend so much time searching and only find maybe 1 or 2 ideas out of hours of web surfing. And my fiance will tell you, if anything can be found on the internet before hacking is necessary I can find it, so if I have a hard time, I can't imagine what others go through. So I will post what I find along with what I've come up with. I will continuously add inspiration sets to the themes so check back often.

The Jungle Book (my own idea)

Ok, I know you may be thinking about the Disney Cartoon version, but I'm talking about Rudyard Kipling's book and time period that this story takes place. The look is Bristish Colonial meets Indian Jungle. One of the best visual examples I can think of is the live action version from the mid nineties (also made by Disney, although doesn't follow the books as much). Beautiful tropical foliage, brown and white sepia toned photos, exotic animals and locations, along with crisp linen suits, lace parasols, dark exotic wood tones, Indian touches, etc. So far I've created a bridesmaid set that features some inspiration items. I will be creating more for this theme and posting them.

More themes will be posted once I complete inspiration sets. Also, if more details are wanted, please just ask (from specific color palettes, to favors, motifs, locales, etc)